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To mark national sibling day, we’ll be watching ‘we have always lived in the castle&#821

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Directed by Stacie Passon

Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson.

“The arrival of a cousin with ulterior motives threatens the claustrophobic and isolated world of two sisters and their uncle”.

Stacie Passon’s sophomore feature, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, stars Taissa Farmiga and Alexandra Daddario as sisters who, traumatized by a dark family legacy, challenge the presumptions of patriarchy.

Stacie Passon co-wrote and directed Shirley Jackson’s 1962 creepy story that centres on an isolated family, which has already lost four members to poisoning, that uses rituals and talismans to keep itself away from hostile townspeople. Into this scenario arrives a distant cousin, intent on maliciously securing the family’s fortune and whose arrival sets in motion the uncovering of family secrets.

This is the first screen adaptation of the story; it has previously been made into a stage play as well as a musical.

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