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To celebrate Vanessa Redgrave’s birthday, we’re watching her debut Documentary Sea Sorro

In celebration of Vanessa Redgrave’s birthday, We at Birds’ Eye View

will be watching her debut Documentary Sea Sorrow (2017)

Sea Sorrow is a very personal and dynamic meditation on the current global refugee crisis through the eyes and voices of campaigners and children, where past and present establish a dialogue. A reflection on the importance of human rights.

Drawing on her own experience as a wartime evacuee, Redgrave tells the story of refugees fleeing European war zones throughout the last century and drawing parallels between government attitudes towards refugees in the 1930s and now.

Redgrave might be most garlanded for her stage work, but she also has six Oscar nominations, when she finally won an Oscar in 1978, for playing the eponymous Nazi resistance fighter in Julia.

Vanessa Redgrave CBE is an English actress and activist. Proclaimed as the “Greatest Actress of our Time” by Tennessee Williams, Redgrave is the recipient of the Triple Crown of Acting, and was inducted to the American Theatre Hall of Fame, and received the BAFTA Fellowship in 2010

Redgrave turned down a chance to become a Dame in the 1990s because she didn’t agree with the U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s politics. The veteran actress was invited to take the title in 1999, but she declined it because she was upset about Blair’s decision to enter into the Iraq War.

On being told by a journalist that she was difficult to interview, Redgrave replied, “I don’t think so. I think I’m illuminating. Hahahaha!”


Vanessa Redgrave – Herself  /  Emma Thompson – Herself   / Ralph Fiennes Himself / Daisy Bevan Herself / Juliet Stevenson /Herself

1 hr 12 mins

1 hr 12 mins



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