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Spotlight: Postcards from the Edge

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Please join Birds Eye View for a special screening of Postcards from the Edge at The Vauxhall Cinema Club on Wednesday 5th July…

“In every scene, the pair butt heads as only people who love each other but drive one another crazy can do.” – Hunter Harris (Vulture)

Postcards from the Edge seems to have been a terrifically genial collaboration between the writer and the director, Miss Fisher’s tale of odd-ball woe being perfect material for Mr. Nichols’s particular ability to discover the humane sensibility within the absurd.” – Vincent Canby (New York times)

“Adapting her own book for the screen, the late Carrie Fisher’s script is a thinly veiled autobiography dealing with her own struggles with drugs and alcohol in the world of Hollywood.” – American Essentials Film Festival

“The film is a brilliantly witty look at a young woman’s attempt to find her own identity independent of family and scandal.” – TCM Classic Film Festival

“The 1990 film, adapted by Fisher from her own novel, is hilarious and absurd, and it wrestles with something I’ve spent my whole life feeling uncomfortable about: the phenomenon of totally adoring your mother, but occasionally feeling sucked into her massive orbit.” – Hunter Harris (Vulture)

“MacLaine is magnificent, but the beauty of the scene is the brilliantly economical way Nichols uses it to set up the film’s conflicts.” – Peter Travers (rolling stone)

The screening takes place on Wednesday 5th July at The Workshop in Vauxhall, and will be followed by a discussion hosted by BEV’s own Mia Bays. The Migration Museum will open specially for all our viewers from 7pm before the show starts at 8pm. It’s a terrific pop-up exhibition telling stories of movement to and from Britain in fresh and engaging ways in this dynamic new London venue. Get there early to enjoy this special space!

Check out a trailer below and book your tickets here.

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