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Please donate now to help the people of Turkey & Syria affected by the devastating earthquakes.

Updated: May 10, 2023

We were devastated by the news on Monday 6 February about the earthquake that has caused so much death and destruction to parts of Turkey and Syria. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people.

We have been fortunate enough to work with Flying Broom International Film Festival, and a number of Turkish filmmakers this past year through our #ReclaimTheFrame x International project, and have heard firsthand how they have been affected by this disaster.

Some of our filmmakers from the LGBTQIA+ community have come together with sex workers from different cities, organizations, and initiatives and as independent activists, to help friends in the earthquake zone who do not feel safe in their tents, or who are trying to leave the area safely. LGBTQIA+s and sex workers in the earthquake area do not feel safe in public areas, and are deprived of many basic needs. Discrimination, which makes their lives difficult in ordinary times has been exacerbated by the extraordinary situation they find themselves in. Many are saying they do not receive the same humanitarian aid.

Your donations will improve the conditions for everyone in Turkey and Syria at the desperate time, including meeting the needs of LGBTQIA+s and sex workers in the earthquake area.

Here’s a number of organisations where you can donate. No amount is too small.

Thank you for the solidarity.


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