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MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 18-24 May: One film a day chosen by writer/director Deborah Haywood

We asked one of our favourite filmmakers, Deborah Haywood to pick one film a day in response to Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May); the theme of which is “kindness.” Day two and we have Eliza Hittman’s coming-of-age story about a US teenager seeking a termination. NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS “Heartbreaking and painfully authentic.”  The Guardian Hittman described Never Rarely Sometimes Always as: “A narrative about a girl carrying around a lot of pain and burden, and the loneliness of it all”.

Here’s Haywood, explaining why she chose this remarkable film. “I chose Eliza Hittman’s latest film cos it’s just got a release and it’s flown into my bones and stuck itself into my heart. The performances are so affecting, especially the main actress’ who plays Autumn. It’s a hard and important watch and what made it bearable, for me, is the kindness shown by a woman’s health worker. When life seems against you the kindness in someone’s tone, can make you feel less alone. I hope any young girl (or woman) going through similar ordeals comes across someone like the character played so beautifully by Mia Dillon”.


Closed captions available on most platforms

Also, watch Hittman’s debut feature, It Felt Like Love (2013) and Beach Rats (2017)


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