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IN memory of lynn shelton who died a year ago today. We miss her and her wonderful gaze. We will be

On Friday 17 April 2020, as part of our Female Filmmaker Friday strand Eye to Eye, our Director-at-large, Mia Bays was in conversation with writer/director/editor and actor, Lynn Shelton. Mia was a huge fan (as were we all at BEV) after falling in love with her first film HUMPDAY.  Their virtual meeting was a reunion of sorts as they had met previously at Sundance.

Their conversation was full of warmth and humour and is one of my all-time favourites. If you missed it the first time, or would like to watch it again, it’s here on our Facebook Live page. Live captioning is available.

Here’s where you can see some of Lynn Shelton’s classics. Click on them to see where to watch. All are available with closed captioning.

Thank you Lynn Shelton for your warmth, humour, humanity, humility and your wonderful films.

Lynn Shelton

27 August 1965 – 16 May 2020

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