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Happy Pride Month!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Today – and every day – we see, hear, love and appreciate our LGBTQI+ #ReclaimTheFrame community. Pride is a day for queer joy, but also for protest, at a time when our right to protest is being taken from us. We stand in solidarity with those facing injustice and violence simply for being who they are. At Reclaim The Frame, our aim is equity and inclusion in all film spaces, with a mission to create safe and accessible environments, not least for transwomen and QTIPOC people and all those facing homophobia, transphobia, and other hostilities.

In the spirit of #Pride, we want to share a few recommendations for titles coming to a cinema near you this month and in the coming months:

PRETTY RED DRESS – wri/dir Dionne Edwards (UK 2022)

A stunning sparkling red dress changes everything for one South London family in this exploration of Black masculinity, sexual identity, family secrets and awakened desires, soundtracked by Tina Turner.

Coming to cinemas from 14 June via BFI Distribution.

KOKOMO CITY – dir D. Smith (USA 2023)

From music producer turned filmmaker D. Smith introduces us to four Black trans sex workers in America, each offering thought-provoking and unapologetic insights into their world, telling their own stories through a lens that offers dignity and de-stigmatisation.

Coming to cinemas this autumn via Dogwoof.

ORLANDO, MY POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY – dir Paul B. Preciado (France 2023)

Queering the documentary form, ORLANDO calls for collective imagination in creating alternative futures for gender non-conforming and gender-transcendental human beings everywhere - an inventively creative, subversively humorous film that leaves the audience with pure queer joy.

Coming to cinemas this year via Picturehouse Entertainment.


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