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Guest Blog – Reclaim the Frame: ‘Love Type D’ written & dir by Sasha Colling

My name is Madeline Haston, I’m 20 years old and from Tennessee! I go to school at Belmont University in Nashville, TN where I am studying Entertainment Industry Studies & Mass Communication and I am currently doing a study abroad here in the UK where I am interning for Birds’ Eye View.  This is my first movie review!

Love Type D: A woman who has been dumped eleven times in a row, discovers (to her dismay) that she has a loser in love gene.

This movie is a lighthearted, caper-type, anti-romcom that talks about love and when you love someone what they mean to you. It had my attention from the start and was able to hold it throughout.

Frankie (Maeve Dermod)  a thirty-year-old office worker (unsuccessful in love) has just been dumped by Thomas, who sends his eleven-year-old brother Wilbur (Rory Stroud) to do the job for him.

Determined to find out what it was she did to make Thomas break up with her, Frankie follows Wilbur as he runs errands for Thomas – buying flowers and lingerie for his new girlfriend. Wilbur tells Frankie about a scientific study he is conducting that can determine if someone is a ”dumper” or a ”dumpee.” Being a ”dumpee” means that  you have the ”Type D” gene – something that is passed down from generation to generation.

After looking into Wilbur’s studies, Frankie discovers she tests positive for the Type D gene – forever dooming her to be a ”dumpee”! Fortunately,  Wilbur thinks he has found a cure, which will, in turn, help him win a much coveted Nobel Prize. Frankie is his willing subject.

There follows a wild goose chase in which Frankie and her work colleagues, who also test positive for the gene, attempt to re-date everyone who dumped them (there’s a lot), and dump them first! According to Wilbur, this is the only way to  change their destiny – and the destiny of  generations to come.

After multiple failed attempts to win Thomas back (in order to dump him first), Frankie’s fate looks sealed when Thomas gets a restraining order on her.

One of my favorite scenes follows in which Frankie and Wilbur sneak into Thomas’ Harley Street hypnosis session and attempt to delve into his subconscious to convince him to get back with Frankie. This, of course, fails when they are discovered.

In a last ditch attempt to help Frankie, Wilbur creates a love potion (perfume) for Frankie that not only does the trick in winning Thomas back, but has him proposing marriage. It is here, right before the wedding, that Frankie learns there is no “Type D” gene and, more importantly, she doesn’t actually want (even like) Thomas, whose interest in her is shallow and superficial (just like him). She deserves more and will, one day, find love with the right person.

This is probably one of my favorite movies that I have watched, so far, during this internship, because I’ve always loved comedic films like this. I thought that it was brilliantly made – with so many great characters. I loved how Wilbur, an eleven-year-old boy, tries to help a thirty-year-old woman. I think this film would be a great anti-Valentine’s Day movie.


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