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FIVE FILMS: Hope is a horse

Birds’ Eye View’s Mia Bays has picked five Films that do what the title suggests – they offer hope in equine form. All with distinct complex and humane perspectives, all directed by women.

Jung thought the Horse’s appearance in dreams could signify instincts out of control. The horse evokes intense feelings and unbridled passion instead of cool, collected thought.

The horse is a universal symbol of freedom – either because characters riding a horse often show themselves to be free from their own bindings or because they are often symbols of travel, movement, and desire.

The horse also represents power in Native American tribes, and several of these films feature indigenous people and their deep earthly bond to this noble creature.


Certain Women (2016) Dir Kelly Reichardt (fiction) (see interview on our blog about this)

Dark Horse (2015) Louise Osmond (doc)  A fictionalised version of this just debuted at Sundance 2020 starring Toni Colette

And, because we can, we’ll sneak in a sixth one!


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