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Five Easy Pieces Digital Re-Release

From Fri 13 August on digital re-release

Five Easy Pieces

Jack Nicholson plays Robert Dupea, once a promising concert pianist, now a drifter between oil rig jobs, late night bars and motels. When he hears that his father is ill, he takes his first trip in three years to his family home, where revelations, bitter hurts and some kind of healing awaits him. Swerving in and out of love with his waitress girlfriend Rayette (Karen Black) but mostly in a state of anger towards the world, Bobby is one of ’70s Hollywood best-crafted characters. Screenwriter Carole Eastman was one of the only women to pen such a leading ’70s film as this, and was Oscar-nominated for this work, which remains the peak of her career. Iconic for its penetration of young Americans’ Vietnam era disillusionment and re-evaluation, and for the scene in which Dupea plays a beat-up piano in the back of the truck in which he’s hitching a ride.

US 1970 Dir. Bob Rafelson, Scr. Carole Eastman 98min


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