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Day 6. birds eye view x pride. curator, jo reid – the spaces we create. OUT ON STRIKE, Dir. J



Dir. Jacquie Lawrence


Available on All 4 

Two women narrate how they found each other and fell in love during the 1984 Miners Strike.

Out on Strike follows the true story of how two miner’s wives-turned-activists during the 1984 Miner’s Strike fell in love. While the story itself is sweet, and romantic, it also offers a look at how much has changed in the 28 years since it was filmed. The two women are anonymous, afraid of being recognised as gay, and are instead represented by two young children while they narrate their story. The children play on a hill, playing at grown-ups, dressed in wedding dresses and suits. Out on Strike is both a love story and a reminder of the importance of political activism, both as a way to forge connections but as a means to save and build communities.


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