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Bruk out! Screening and panel discussion+ dance + DJ set

On 8 November this dancehall queen feature documentary is followed by a panel discussion with Anthony Andrews of @WeAreParable and Shelaine Prince of Ignition Dance Company, DJ Chloe Dees in the bar + Performance by Dancehall Queen, Hannah Braveheart. Hosted by Mia Bays of Birds Eye View.

From director Cori McKenna and producer Janet Ginsburg comes “Bruk Out,” a dancehall queen feature documentary, which, last fall, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $50,000 to complete the film.

Promising a look deep inside the raw, energetic world of Jamaican dancehall, often criticized for being lewd and aggressively sexual, through the eyes of the powerful women at its heart, “Bruk Out” follows 6 of the best Dancehall Queens from around the world – of course Jamaica, the USA, Italy, Japan, Poland, and Spain – as they prepare to do battle at the world’s biggest dancehall competition, covering their converging stories in what the filmmakers say will be a never-before-seen look into the life of the dancehall queen. From their hometowns all the way to Jamaica, we watch as they transform from students, mothers, and professionals, into nightlife superheroes. Their story ends on a hot summer night, when one of them is crowned International Dancehall Queen. – IndieWire – 2015


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