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Reclaim The Frame x International & Aesthetica Short Film Festival present SHE WEAVES A DREAM

Updated: May 10, 2023

We’re proud to reveal the titles featured in our Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2022 guest programme SHE WEAVES A DREAM, brought to you by Reclaim The Frame x International ✨ November 5th.

SHE WEAVES A DREAM explores finding freedom in creativity, expression and dream worlds, each lensed by artists and filmmakers based in the South West Asian and North African region. Across beautiful animation, lyrical documentary in Super16, absurd comedy, fantastical drama and feminist twists, each of our characters finds liberation through imagination.

Up to the Sea She Weaves a Dream by Maryam Khalilzadeh (Iran 2021) – UK premiere 

From the kitchen table to the bottom of the ocean, three generations of women express their shared grief in the aftermath of war by weaving their memories and dreams.  

Love in Galilee by Layla Menhem & Nader Chalhoub (Lebanon 2021) – UK premiere

Pressured into an arranged marriage, Faten becomes disillusioned by notions of love and tradition. On returning to her hometown in South Lebanon, a newfound outlook opens her up to a freedom that transcends societal expectations. 

Turkish Gothic: Portrait of a Family by Burcu Uğuz (Turkey 2020) – UK premiere 

An artist is commissioned to paint the portrait of a stiff, upper-class family. Through his artistic impression, the couple are confronted by the ways constructed notions of class, gender and family have influenced their inner dynamics. 

Become / Bint Werden by Maysaa Almumin (Kuwait 2020) – UK premiere 

Depressed and desperate for meaningful connection, a lonely office worker finds solace in a dying cockroach. This absurd companionship takes a dark turn as she struggles to find a grip on her life. 

I and the Stupid Boy by Kaouther Ben Haia (Tunisia 2022) 

On the way to her hot date, Nora is startled by her manipulative ex Kevin. His sexist taunts give way to a tense chase through an abandoned building, but the tables turn when Nora regains power. 

Warsha by Dania Bdeir (Lebanon 2022) 

Mohammed, a lonesome Syrian migrant, daringly volunteers to work on one of the most dangerous cranes in Beirut. At a soaring feat, and safe from peering eyes, he finds the freedom to express his true inner self.   

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This selection has been curated with programmers at Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival in Turkey, Beirut International Women Film Festival in Lebanon, and Regards de femmes: festival international de film de femmes in Tunisia, as part of a collective mission to bring a broader perspective of the world through cinema and to champion films by women & non-binary filmmakers. 

Reclaim The Frame x International is funded by the British Council’s International Collaboration Grants, which are designed to support UK and overseas organisations to collaborate on international arts projects. The screening is also supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery. More about Reclaim The Frame International


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