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Reclaim The Frame For All

Happy International Day of the Girl!

Today, we're launching Reclaim The Frame For All - an important campaign to enable our work (and the work of our filmmakers) to be more accessible to a wider audience.

As the UK's leading charity promoting gender equity in cinema, we're stepping up to help create a more equitable experience for our Deaf and disabled audiences as well as those with access needs, and you can help us too.

We’ve been chosen by the UK’s biggest online match funding platform, The Big Give, to be part of their 2023 Women and Girls Match Fund to make our aspirations a reality.

We’re all too aware that films made by people of marginalised genders don’t reach the audiences they deserve - in 2022 only 24% of all the films released in the UK were made by women / non-binary person(s).

Furthermore, a lack of accessible film screenings means audiences with access needs (such as those who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind, and partially sighted) are left behind - our goal is to take an intersectional approach to our work where we bring diverse screen stories to diverse audiences.

Donations made via the Big Give website from today until 18 October 2023 will have twice the impact! If Reclaim The Frame can raise £2,500, your generosity will be doubled to £5,000 to support audiences with access needs.

The funds will enable us to commission audio description and descriptive subtitles for two independent films made by a filmmaker of marginalised genders (where these access materials are not already available). They’ll be shown across 16 cities in which Reclaim The Frame operates, and made available more widely, for its entire UK cinema release and online.

We will also provide live captioning at film events for each release which will either take the form of a conversation with the filmmaker, or a more general discussion or relevant activity around the topics/themes of the film. Live-captioning post-screening activity will ensure that audiences who need descriptive subtitles will also be able to access and engage with the discussion elements of our events, creating as equal an experience as possible.

How can you help?

Film and the experiences of going to the cinema should be available to the widest audience possible so we’d love it if you can help amplify our mission to Reclaim The Frame For All in the following ways:

  1. DONATE: You can donate to our campaign here, for every pound you’ve donated it will be matched by The Big Give, meaning your money goes even further!

  2. SHARE: Your voice is so valuable, if you can share details of our campaign on your social channels we’d be supremely grateful.

Suggested Copy:

Support @reclaimtheframe to make films by filmmakers of marginalised genders accessible for audiences with access needs by donating to their #ReclaimTheFrameForAll @BigGive campaign. Be part of the change:

We look forward to keeping in touch. Your support is so important, so thank you for taking the time to read more about our latest campaign.

All the best,

Melanie & all the team at Reclaim The Frame


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