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The Blue Caftan

Maryam Touzani's second feature, THE BLUE CAFTAN, is a captivating character study about loyalty, love and longing. 

Watching Halim (Salim Bakri) painstakingly embroider traditional caftans, each stitch full of historical significance, is like watching a poetic, intimate ritual. 

While Halim sews, his wife, Mina (Lubna Azabal), deals with their demanding customers; many of whom desire the unique and superior quality of a bespoke handmade caftan, and the status it affords them, but they are too impatient to wait. 

The universal desire for instant gratification means business is suffering. Enter, Youssef (Ayoub Missioui), a gifted young apprentice who wants nothing more than to learn the maalem tradition from a master craftsman. Youssef soon settles in and Halim, in turn, enjoys his quiet steadiness and desire to learn. Over time, Mina observes the longing in her husband's fleeting glances at his young protégé and says nothing. 

Mina has bigger things on her mind.

Writer & Director

Maryam Touzani




New Wave Films



Reclaim The Frame Event

The Blue Caftan & Q&A

3 May 2023

Prince Charles Cinema, London - Wednesday 3 May, 18:00 - In partnership with Fhamtini and co-hosted by lead-curator Imane Lamime. 

Curzon Bloomsbury, London - Thursday 4 May, 18:00 - Moderated by Melanie Iredale

Watershed, Bristol - Saturday 6 May, 17:40 - Moderated by Rōgan Graham T

The Blue Caftan will be presented with Descriptive Subtitles (SDH), and all event elements will be live captioned. If you have any questions about the access provisions for this event, you can contact our Access & Inclusion Manager, Charlie, at


“Don’t Be Afraid to Love”: Maryam Touzani’s Delicately Defiant The Blue Caftan

Written response by Yasmin Jenoui

Maryam Touzani’s second feature The Blue Caftan is a poetic and beautifully crafted film that explores the complexities of love, identity, and the human experience in a way that is both tender and deeply resonant. 

Set in the city of Salé, Morocco, Halim and his wife Mina struggle for the survival of their small Caftan business. 

The presence of Yousseff, the new apprentice, complicates matters further as he captures the attention of Halim and exposes the couple's fragility.

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