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Lingua Franca

After finding work as a live-in carer for elderly Russian expatriate Olga, undocumented Filipina trans woman Olivia (Isabel Sandoval) is terrified of deportation – so her next priority is to secure a green card to stay in the country.

She has a plan to do so, but when she unexpectedly becomes romantically involved with Olga’s grandson (Eamon Farren), complex issues of identity, civil rights and immigration begin to threaten her very existence.

Writer & Director

Isabel Sandoval 


United Kingdom





Reclaim The Frame Event

Screening + Post-Screening Recorded Conversation

5 Dec 2022

As part of T A P E collective’s FOUND IN TRANSLASTION programme, catch our Xuanlin Tham in a post-screening recorded conversation with powerhouse director, writer and star Isabel Sandoval on her 2019 film Lingua Franca.

Lingua Franca written and directed by Isabel Sandoval (US, 2019)

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