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Ninja Thyberg

Ninja Thyberg

Thyberg studied film directing in the years 2012–2015 at Stockholm’s Dramatic College. She has previously attended Fridhem Folkhögskola’s 2-year film education (2009–2011), studied gender studies and film studies at the University of Gothenburg and read a script education at Broby grafikaska. Through his university studies in film studies, Thyberg discovered how film can be used politically, to point to social issues and problems.

Thyberg’s films revolve around themes such as body, power, sexuality and group dynamics. She has worked as, among other things, screenwriter, director, production manager, producer and has been active in Film i Skånes and Film i Väst’s talent initiative F-starter. She has also collaborated with the production company Way Creative and made a radio theatre version of her short film Afro from 2012. In that film, Thyberg addressed the topic of racism.

In 2012, she also won the newly instituted New Talent Award, at the Pixel festival in Lund. The prize consisted of a total of SEK 300,000 in production support.

The feature debut of writer/director Ninja Thyberg and based on her 2013 short film of the same name, “Pleasure” is a raw and unflinching exploration of what porn – the business and the product – has become today.

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