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#ReclaimTheFrame International Women's Day selection on BFI Player

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, we’re offering a chance to catch up on #ReclaimTheFrame titles from the past couple of years with a curated selection on BFI Player!

This global selection by and about women and non-binary people -  behind the camera and centred on the screen - features films set in Newcastle, England to an unnamed city in Brazil, as well as diasporic stories from Guadeloupe, Haiti and the Philippines. 

BLUE JEAN (dir Georgia Oakley, UK 2022)

Written and directed by Georgia Oakley, this powerful Thatcher-era drama following a closeted lesbian teaching in a Tyneside school under Section 28 serves as a warning from the past against complacency in the present, around the ongoing struggle for the rights and safety of LGBTQI+ people. 

CETTE MAISON (dir Miryam Charles, Canada 2022) 

Miryam Charles deftly blurs the boundaries between documentary and imagined realities in this inventive and visually compelling ghost story. Shot on 16mm, ‘This House’ explores the unsolved killing of Charles’ teenage cousin as the family reckon with their loss, and that of their homeland in Haiti. 

LINGUA FRANCA (dir Isabel Sandoval, USA 2019)

Isabel Sandoval writes, directs and stars in this intimate and compelling story of Olivia, an undocumented Filipina trans woman living in Brooklyn seeking legal status. Working as a carer, Olivia develops a relationship with her elderly client’s adult grandson. Meanwhile the daily threat of deportation looms over her existence. 

MEDUSA (dir Anita Rocha da Silveira, Brazil 2021) 

In Anita Rocha da Silveira’s genre-bending horror, Mariana is a member of a repressive patriarchal Christian sect. By day, she and her girlfriends cultivate the image of the perfect woman; at night, they don masks, mercilessly prowling the city for women they deem to be sinners. 

RODEO (dir Lola Quivoron, France 2022)  

"I was born with a bike between my legs.”

Lola Quivoron’s energetic, exhilarating and Cannes award-winning debut centres on the young Julia and their initiation into a dirt bike gang, navigating an extreme subgroup fuelled by masculinity.

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