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Day 2. BIRDS EYE X PRIDE. curator, JO REID – the spaces we create – CRASHING WAVES Dir.



Dir. Emma Gilbertson

03.42 mins

Available to watch on Vimeo

A short film where two men on a council estate express their desires through contemporary dance.

Crashing Waves provides an exploration of the way queer spaces are under-threat. Told through contemporary dance, Gilbertson uses the bodies and movement of the two men to express their desire for each other. They carve out a space to express their love in a world they are seemingly incompatible with. By using contemporary dance as the medium to express this struggle, Crashing Waves is able to create an immediately affecting and understandable story in a short amount of time. Crashing Waves is a story of conflict and hostility within the urban council estate, but within are also moments of care and tenderness. 


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