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The Blue Inmates

Actor, drama therapist and director Zeina Daccache is on a mission to reform penal law in Lebanon. 

Having introduced and pioneered drama therapy in the Lebanese prison system, Zeina’s theatre production “12 Angry Lebanese” in 2009, and the documentary that emerged from the process, led to a progression in legislation to reduce the prison year and to enable prisoners to be eligible for early release for good conduct.

Writer & Director

Zeina Daccache




Altitude Film Distribution



Screening as part of Reclaim The Frame x International

The Blue Inmates + Q&A

19 Oct 2022

THE BLUE INMATES will be screened with descriptive subtitles*, and the post-screening Q&A will have live-captioning available. See more about accessibility at Barbican cinema, here. 

If you have any questions about the access provisions for this event, you can contact our Access & Inclusion Manager, Charlie at:



A Mental Illness that Affects the Sane

by Natasha Anthea Lay

"We cannot be cured, but we can get better."

A man is admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit. Like many patients in the psychiatric unit, he has been admitted multiple times before – the first time he was admitted, it was under a diagnosis of major depressive disorder. The second time, he was given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Upon the nurse handing him the man’s file, the psychiatrist assigned to the man exclaims: ‘Good lord, who were the two useless idiots who saw this man before me? Depression? Bipolar disorder? This man is clearly a schizophrenic!’ The nurse shrunk. ‘Doctor,’ he sheepishly replied, ‘I’m afraid it was you.’

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