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On the cusp of turning 40, relentlessly laced into corsets by her exasperated staff, the uptight world of the Austrian monarchy is the last thing Empress Sisi (Vicky Krieps) cares about. 

Decadence is far more exciting – so she heads off on a grand trip across Europe to call on old friends (and old flames). But the strings tying her to royal duty continue to tighten, and her attempts to make life more exciting turn into acts of rebellion.

Writer & Director

Marie Kreutzer







Reclaim The Frame Event

Screening + Post-screening discussion with BAFTA-Nominated Costume Designer Zoë Howerska

5 Jan 2023

A vibrant, refreshingly mischievous take on the period drama with an award-winning lead in Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread), CORSAGE is the stunning, stylish new film from acclaimed director Marie Kreutzer.

Corsage directed by Marie Kreutzer

+ Post-screening discussion with BAFTA-Nominated Costume Designer Zoë Howerska

Chapter Cinema, Cardiff – Tuesday 5 January, 20:15

COMMISSIONED Response to Marie Kreutzer's Corsage

By Rachel Pronger  

There is a specific moment five minutes in when we realise that Corsage has something different in store to costume drama business as usual. 

In a striking pre-titles sequence, Empress Elisabeth (Vicky Krieps) walks up the palace stairs flanked by her ladies-in-waiting, swaggering in slow motion to a contemporary pop soundtrack. 

For a brief but arresting instant Krieps lifts her eyes and looks directly at the camera, momentarily puncturing the fourth wall with one delicious, defiant look.

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